Photo of current editor Andrew McNaught


Andrew McNaught

MBBS MD FRCOphth ´╗┐Consultant Ophthalmologist, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and Honorary Professor, Plymouth University.

Sight is perhaps our most precious of senses, and the prospect of losing it can be terrifying. Vision impairment is one of the most feared disabilities worldwide, and with an increasingly ageing population, eye health services are becoming more and more important. Eye health in the community is a rising priority for Clinical Commissioning Groups across the UK, who are tasked with improving outcomes, addressing capacity issues and building integrated eye services. Meeting these objectives demands increased co-operation and communication between primary and secondary care. There is a clear need to support and educate healthcare professionals in order to further their understanding of the issues involved in eye health generally.

To meet this challenge, Ophthalmology in practice will publish articles developed to appeal to the entire multidisciplinary team, from consultant ophthalmologist to ophthalmic nurse, and pharmacist to technician. Published quarterly, Ophthalmology in practice will include clinical reviews, case studies, patient viewpoints, and service development and guidance updates, with a particular emphasis on training and clinical practice to support trainees and professionals in the field.

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